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Segmantics corporate training

Cyber Risk Management is a key skill in Industry, Commerce, Armed Forces and Government

Business Reputation

Protecting intellectual property and service provider data

Technology and IT

Creating awareness, skills and layers of defence

Social Engineering

In a highly connected world people's data is under attack

Business Processes

Creating strong processes that bolster cyber defences

Career facts about Cyber Risk Management

Business needs Cyber Risk Managers and few have these skills

Cyber Risk Professionals are scarce

Audit professionals do not have Cyber Expertise

HR professionals are not trained in Cyber

Associations are few and do not have cyber knowledge

Cyber threats pose one of the most serious economic and national security challenges

Segmantics e-Learning is fun and rewarding

Use the Segmantics Cyber Store and Application to build expertise

World class e-Learning

Highly focused applied training, immediately useful, evidenced to employers, valued by participants

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Create an account on Segmantics.com. Explore cyber security content and risk management methods to self learn

  • Cyber risk content
  • Cyber risk methods
  • Engaging learning environment
  • Help & support

Tailor to your requirements

Courses designed to your needs, recieve tailored content in the Cyber Store, specific use cases, focused examinations

  • Cyber risk methods and best practice
  • Specific risk assessment practice
  • Collaborate and share assignments
  • Use tools for work assignments

Master risk methods & techniques

Cyber Risk management creates business opportunities and technical challenges. Learn the correct techniques for each

  • Root cause analysis..
  • Audit & Due Diligence..
  • Communication skills

Certified and evidenced

Complete the course and recieve an Training Certificate with skill ratings for employers and clients

  • Segmantics certification
  • Innovative & award winning tools
  • Evidence for employers
  • Build team competency

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Our Team

Our Cyber Risk Experts will support you through all learning phases in the course by chat and webex

Andy Taylor
Information Security
Tracy Clifford
Social and Process
Andrew Cheeseman
Application Security
Marcus Taylor
ICS and IOT Security

Competency Levels

Identify your requirements and build your skills up through each level

    • Foundation

    • Free

      • Download Store Content
      • Create Risk Assessment
      • Add one collaborator
      • Read our white papers
      • Apply to a decision
    • Contact
    • Practitioner

    • £POA

      • Improve Store content
      • Add Company risks
      • Create 'Use Cases'
      • Add and design controls
      • Improve performance
    • Contact
    • Professional

    • £POA

      • Embed in risk processes
      • Manage a private cyber store
      • Manage multiple 'Use Cases'
      • Apply to Contingency Planning
      • Address systemic cyber risk
    • Contact
    • Team

    • £POA

      • Integrate with SOCs
      • Manage real time issues
      • Manage across Department
      • Manage across jurisdictions
      • Manage forensics and legal
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